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Travel Guides 


Places to eat, drink, stay and transport around London. This is your easy to use Travel guide around the big city.

Don't miss out on that trendy restaurant or bar because its all here. You go through and chose each place you would like to visit nothing is planned out for you. You make you own choices i just give you the best ideas!

Thailand Chang .PNG


Thailand a wonderful holiday and backpacker Destination. A good place to start your travels as your not thrown completely in the deep end. Has so much to offer From beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, to amazing mountains and freshwater waterfalls. you just don't get bored here. 


The Lake District

The lakes cannot be beaten. It doesn't even feel like you are in the UK. Plenty of waterfalls, fell mountains and you guessed it... lakes. Great for a family summer get away or even a romantic getaway with your lover. Public transport is almost non existent and expensive so defo hire or take your own car if possible. 

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