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Organised Tours

Organised tours is where you have your trip planned out for you and you go in a group of people who have booked the same tour as you. You get them all over the world with plenty of tour companies to chose from. 


Personally I have never been on one, I actually put a deposit down for one in Bali because I was pretty scared to leave. So excited but, terrified to step out and see the world on my own for the first time at 18 years old, COVID saved me from that though. By the time it came to me leaving for my trip it was 2 years later and I didn't feel the need to go on a tour anymore.

If you read my sisters journey on the homepage you will have known she done one, I also had a friend who came to Thailand a few days after me and she did a 2 tours, one around Southeast Asia and one in the Maldives. I met her with her tour group the day before it started and honestly I was just happy I didn't do one. I met one of them in Pai for Christmas (he started his trip with a tour to get settled in) and I got told about all the drama that happened, especially because he was one of 2 boys in the group lol. 


Honestly I'm making it sound bad but there's many perks to organised tours...


You dont have to worry about going on your own because your own because everyone there is in the same position as you. You get a group of people to share the experience with.


Your days will start early and sometimes end late, they will be jam packed with things to do and you don't have to organise or look into anything. some are optional and free and some you may have to pay extra for.


Your tour guide most likely would've done this many times and will have lots of information on the area and the places you are going to so you will learn a lot and know the facts and history.

Beaten Track

Again as the tour guide will have done this a few times they will also know some of the best places to go and may even take you a little off the beaten track. say no to the crowded tourist attractions.

So... have I changed your mind on them? I hope so, better to start on a tour than to never start at all. Its so easy to put your dreams on hold because you're scared and overthinking about the little things. Honestly my friend had an amazing time she met amazing people she will probably be friends with for life and saw and learnt about the world.

I think the amount that they manage to organise in such a short amount of time is pretty impressive, I think this is why a lot of activities are options. It's nice like that because you also feel like you have a little bit of choice and freedom in it. If you need a break from the group one day you can just leave them for the day

Lets be real no one can stand being with the same person every second of everyday, everyone needs their space at some point, even the ones in perfect relationships. 

The Best Travel Organisers

Gap 360

G Adventures

OneLife Adventures

Intrepid Travel

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