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Small Charities and Businesses That Deserve Our Help

Bali - Indonesia 

Lili's rescue:     

lili's rescue is a small dog and cat rescue centre located somewhere in Bali. The instagram is run by a young girl called Mia who raises money for the rescue by selling dog scarfs and making her own bead bracelets.


Samui Elephant Sanctuary:     

Samui elephant sanctuary is an elephant sanctuary on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. This is a safe place for elephants after years of abuse being used as a tourist attraction (riding elephants, circuses)

United Kingdom


Save a Fox Rescue:

Save a fox is located in Minnesota, USA. This is a rescue that saves foxes and minks from the very disturbing fur farms giving them the life they have always deserved.

Charities in Greece

Takis Shelter:

Takis shelter is located around lerapetra, Greece. Takis loves dogs and will do anything to save them, he takes in all the strays that he possibly can. No dogs left behind, right? 

Charities in Hawaii

One Ocean Diving-

This isn't a charity but definitely feel like it deserves some attention. There's two people @juansharks and @oceanramsey both of these people work with sharks and protect them as much as they can. 

If you know any small charities that YOU think deserve some help and they aren't listed above, feel free to contact me with the information below :)

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