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Say Yes To Experiences, 

Money Will Come Back Around, 

But Your Life Will Not!

Your travels start when YOU decide to take that leap.

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Follow My Sisters Journey !

Okayyyy, long story short my sister done the same as me and as soon as she hit 18 she went on her travels. She was just lucky enough to be born a few years before me so she only got fucked by covid the second time round. 

First time round she went to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and Australia. She spent a few years out there coming back to visit whenever she could.

Second time round she went to Sri Lanka and Bali. She was planning to go to a lot of other places but this is when our worst enemy covid19 came along to fuck us all.

This time round she went on an organised tour by OneL1fe Adventures. She said it was amazing! Yes tours can seem expensive but if you cant be bothered or don't have the time to plan your travels, maybe you are scared to go alone, i think this is an amazing alternative to make sure you don't miss out on the best decision of your life. 

My Sister has helped me the most on planning my travels. I cant lie I was so jealous of her leaving when she did and how she got to go before me. There was definitely some animosity and jealousy as well as happiness for her of course! The thing is my sister was the one that wanted to go to uni I was the one that didn't ever really like school (although now i miss how easy life was then) I always wanted to travel and "save the planet" from young. Now I see how much she has helped me and made me more of a knowledgeable backpacker before I've even backpacked properly. I would never be as confident to leave by myself and literally take on the world if it wasn't for her. I recommend finding yourself a Kayla to help you feel confident and for all the best travel tips. Maybe you can rent mine out but for a high price of course, she is not cheap!

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Make sure you follow her on all her socials! 


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Top Travel Tips 


 If backpacking you will most likely be staying in hostels, airbnbs, shared accommodation, and not the luxury hotels with 24hour security and code lock safes in every room for your valuables. Now we may not have that but, they do offer spaces for you to keep your things safe. With one catch... most of them you need your own lock so if you don't have that you'll be lugging your important valuables everywhere with you and honestly i don't know if thats better or worse!
TOP TIP - take a code safe padlock, you might lose keys then you're really in a sticky situation 


Small local businesses and Charities

I think deserve recognition

Make That Change, 

Book That Flight.

Get to Know Me

I am Maya Rosalie, currently 20 years old, getting ready to go to Australia for the first time on a working holiday visa. Now I've always had the travel bug but last year it became a virus! After spending a month in Portugal I finally booked my one way ticket to South East Asia although, it didn't last as long as I wanted it to because I didn't budget properly I now know what I would do differently and how I all do better next time. Nothing will compare to those 6 months I spent there and how it really changed my life. I've always wanted to Travel the World and do the best I can to learn and evolve with the help of different cultures and life experiences. 

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