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Say Yes To Travel, Say Yes To Change, 

Your Life Will Never Be The Same. 

Your travels start when YOU decide to take that leap.

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Everyone loves London but it can be pricey. Know where and what you'll be doing and that could all change. 

Plan your days out with this London travel guide!

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Solo Travel

SOLO TRAVEL?! Who wants to travel by themselves, right? WRONG.
Going solo gets you out of your comfort zone pushing you into making loads of new friends and doing so many amazing things you never thought you'd get to do.

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Small Charities

Small charities and non- profit organisations are my favourites to give to.

You really see all their love, passion and soul poured into it so you know your money is going to the right cause. 

Make That Change, 

Book That Flight.

Follow My Sisters Journey !

My sister done a few years of travelling around South East Asia and Australia, whilst I was still in school. I was super excited for her but also a little jealous that as he was in a hot sunny country whilst I was stuck in the rainy cold UK. She went to a few countries the first time round (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and Australia), she spent a couple years out there, coming back to visit on Christmas but she then decided to come back home for a while. Anyways on the year of COVID 2020 she decided to go again but unfortunately that was cut short by 'you know what' - the thing that stoped us all from living our lives for a year!  

 This time round she went to Sri Lanka, a totally new place to explore, she actually went on an organised tour by onelife adventures. Which she loved and said it was jam packed with activities and places to see. Many people are weary about tours thinking it might be a waste of money but as long as you do your research I think it's a great thing to start of your travels. Kayla and me are very similar and tend to like a lot of the same things, I love that she loves to travel and I can't wait to travel with her, she is one of the people who has helped me plan my travels down to the dirt as she has the most recent experience.

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Top Travel Tips ~

  • Immerse yourself in the local culture, to eating their food, and having conversations, volunteering at local charities, and asking for recommendations of places you could go that no one else knows. THIS IS HOW YOU FIND THOSE HIDDEN GEMS!

  • Don't Use a Suitcase its easier to travel