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Bangkok, the crazy capital of Thailand with endless amounts to do. Bangkok is massive and a lot of people have the habit of staying around Khoasan but if you explore a little bit then you find so much more.


All the main attractions in Bangkok. The must sees, the time fillers, the bad weather days and good weather days...

Food & Drink

My Favourite places I ate in Bangkok and the places I got recommended. A variety of cheap prices for you to chose.


The best places I stayed in Bangkok. The good ones and the shit ones and my favourite one!


Transport is pretty easy in Bangkok. Although, I am guilty of getting Grab Taxis absolutely everywhere. 



  •  Maeklong Railway Market - The one in Vietnam is more famous than this one  but I would say this one is better. In Vietnam its so controlled  now no markets just coffee shops and food places. A little  further out of Bangkok so plan to go in a group and share a taxi.

  •  Temples - Wat Arun - This would be one of the main temples people go to see. Its pretty big with so much to see and explore I spent hours here but it was the first temple I went to and I was in awe of all the details, the energy, vibes and architecture.

  • Temples - Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha - Another very popular one to add to the list. The reclining Buddha is a giant golden Buddha laying on its side. It makes you feel so small and ts so beautiful to see but there isn't much room to move around and everyone crowds round to take photos.

  • Temples - The Dragon Temple - This one isn't as well known and it's located a little further on the outskirts of Bangkok. its a tall cylinder building with a large dragon spiralling the whole way round it all the way up to the very top.

  • Grand Palace - The Grand Palace is a complex of buildings in the centre of Bangkok and has also been the official residence of kings. its very beautiful with much to see there as its massive.

  • River Cruise - Chao Phraya - You can go on some pretty nice river cruises with all you can eat buffets and beautiful views of the city. I personally didn't go on one like this even though it was on my list of things to do I didn't manage to do it any of the 5 times I was in the city lol. ]

  • Lumphini Park - a nice large park in the city with loads of monitor lizards nice to have a little walk around on a nice sunny day. Also not too far from the Aurum Gallery.

  • MBK Centre - Shopping - MBK centre is a massive shopping mall with loads of market sale shops and some normal ones, you can find almost everything there and for some good prices. Don't forget to haggle.

  • Chatachuk Market - One of my favourite places ever! This is one of the largest markets in the world, it's seriously easy to get lost in and can really feel like you're walking round in circles at times because so many of the stalls sell the same kinda stuff. I literally wanna start a business with the stuff I found here its amazing. A shopaholics heaven.

  • China Town - Okay so this isn't my favourite place in the world. When I went I got there pretty late and a lot of places were closing down. Honestly that was enough for me. I saw multiple shops advertising shark fin soup and wanted to pick up a brick and smash their whole shop with it. But it is a big tourist attraction and they clearly work because they are all over the world. 

  • Visit a Rooftop Bar - There's plenty of rooftop bars most of them you don't have to pay to get into and you dont even have to buy a drink so you could basically go for free other than transport there. . . I always ended up buying a drink and that's where my downfall was.

  • Corgi in The Garden - This is a dog cafe, this isn't the one that I went to but I wanted give a few options, obviously they have corgis here.

  • Skywalk - I chose not to do this skywalk as I personally think its so overpriced and as I said rooftops are cheaper. However, if your on a holiday it doesn't seem like its as expensive compared as far as I know this is the tallest building in Bangkok and will boast amazing views of the city. 

  • IconSiam - Shopping - Free View - As I said many ways to see a nice view for free. This is another shopping centre with a nice little roof terrace that shows a nice little view over the city.

  • Moca Gallery - A huge art museum with many paintings and sculptures to observe and super aesthetic! I really wish I found the time to go here as t looks super cool there with some amazing pieces to admire.

  • Aurum Gallery - Goldies Art- Another art gallery only I did make it to this one. It's pretty small not too much to see here but some of the art and sculptures are pretty impressive. Also has some of goodies art on display which is pretty cool to see. I think the main attraction is the smashed glass windows that are made to look like portraits. 

  • Night Market - Jodd Fairs - I personally think this is one of the best night markets in Bangkok but I didn't make it to too many just small ones dotted around that I can't remember where they were or what they are called. This has a good selection of things and some nice vintage bits.

  • D-Sports Stadium - I never went here I found out about it after and most people don't spend too long in Bangkok so they'd rather see the tourist attractions. but it seems like this is a good thing to do on a bad weather day (yes you can get bad weather in Thailand). Torrential rain day could be a sports day. they have plenty of things for you to use and chose from

  • Talat Noi - Graffiti Art - Talat Noi is a street next to the river with loads of graffiti art down it. I love graffiti but again only found out about this after so I never made it down this little street.

  • Jim Thompsans House -  The Jim Thompson house is the former home of the architect and business man, Jim Thompson (obviously).  He mysteriously disappeared in 1967 but before doing so managed to form an amazing collection of art and sculptures from Southeast Asia.

  • Red Light District - Soi Cowboy - Personally I don't think there's much to do here but in a weird way its interesting to walk down as its a bit more of a culture shock. most of the people this attracts is dirty old men or young dumb boys. I was in the area for a drum and bass event on Soi 11 so decided to walk down it.

  • Dog in Town - This is the dog cafe that I went to it was quite small with lots of dogs but I think there's bigger and better ones to go to. you have ton pay to get in but you get a free drink from the cafe with your entry ticket.

  • Neverland - Husky cafe - this is one of the ones I think is a little larger than the one I went to and it obviously mainly has huskies which are some of the cutest dogs.

  • Happy Birds Day - A bird cafe! I had friends go to this one and didn't make it there myself actually but it looked super cute and im pretty sure they even have bunnies!!!

  • Night Market - Liam Duan - A night market I wish I went to but I didnt but I now know for next time.

  • Night Market - Indy Market - Another one with the same story.

  • Asiatique - Actually one of the shopping malls I didn't make it to and I made it to a few! This is an outdoor shopping mall that also had a mini theme park/ fair located on the river front.

  • Terminal 21 - Shopping - another shopping mall for you to get lost in and made to make the shopaholics go mad.

  • Siam Centre - Shopping - Yes, another shopping mall but this has a walking street by it that is pretty lively at night, has people performing outside sometimes and is something different to do other than going down crappy Khoasan road.

  • Khoasan Road - the Main Street for the bars and nightlife, the crazy holiday goers and the ballsy backpackers you'll find them all here. Can't lie I am guilty of spending most nights here. Its also open in the day time where you will find you can walk down it in half the time at compared to at night. I wouldn't bother tho the prices at the stalls are really overpriced and made for tourists and they can be hard to haggle down cos they know they'll have plenty of other dumb tourists pay that price even though you don't want to.

Food & Drink

  • KC Guesthouse - Located a short walk from Khoasan Road Opposite the Mad Monkey Hostel. I am not lying to you this was the best food I ate on my whole entire Southeast Asia trip! I always had the Crispy Spicy chicken or the Chicken Cashew with Rice. Did not also mention its also one of the cheapest places I found with good portions and amazing food? the Crispy chicken was 80baht/£2

  • Irie Bangkok - This is one of the bars I spent most my time at, everything about this place, even the people that own it, make it the best place to be. Now if you like dnb, you have to go, if you like jerk chicken, you have to go! They do regular events but every night is a vibe here so make sure you don't miss it.

  • Street food - I know to a new traveller this may seem scary because your always kinda told to steer clear of the street food however once you get here you'll realise its another story. Street food is where you're going to get the most value for your money and some of my best bits are from little stalls.

  • Jai Fai - Michelin star street food stall, there's a few around Thailand but this is definitely the one I heard the most about. She cooks all the food by herself so the wait can be quite long but definitely worth it!

  • Jeh Oh - Another Michelin star food stall with another long wait but also worth it! Its crazy to think how cheap you can get Michelin star out here!

  • Bubble in the Forest - this is a unique cafe located on the outskirts of the city. Very aesthetic and its nice to go somewhere a little more fancy for a treat.

  • Jae wan - Dessert place that does some really fucking yummy sweet stuff. I have a really bad sweet tooth, especially when I smoke Scooby doo so you know this place was on my list!

  • Khoasan Road - This is the main tourist street and it picks up at night, this is the place to go for all the new solo backpackers as its so easy to meet people and socialise


  • Bedstation - Khoasan - This is honestly the best hostel the most clean, nice bathrooms and showers, really sociable, nice beds... Theres also a deluxe option where your in a shared dormitory with a double bed with lockers and shelving (where I stayed for the last few days of my trip).

  • Mad Monkey - This is the first place I stayed on my trip and I didn't really like it but Mad Monkey do have a good reputation so I've still included it. I dont know why I didn't really like it  always said it wasn't as sociable as I thought it would be and I dont know if that's cos I didn't do any of the stooped things they organise or cos my social anxiety was shining through at the beginning of my trip.

  • Oh Bangkok - A weed dispensary and a hostel. The weed is god, the hostel is clean and the people that work there are absolute gems. Its located a little further away from Khoasan but still walking distance (about 10-15mins).

  • Zee Thai Hostel - It's not the prettiest I will say that, but the people that work there are so lovely and if you book early enough they have the cheapest private rooms. Located close to where oh Bangkok is.

  • Slumber Party - I stayed here for one night the first time and I'm pretty sure it was basically brand new. It was really nice, but then it wasn't. Im putting it because it was originally nice and im giving them the chance to recover. However, the second time we stayed there it was really dirty and they were so strict about bringing in outside drinks even if you was just stood outside waiting for your friends.


  • ViaBus - a good app to find the local buses in the area, if you are unsure you can always ask at your hostel and ask where you need to get it from.

  • Grab - The main taxi app that everyone uses. They will basically always be available.

  • Bolt - Not always available but most of the time a lot cheaper than Grab. Worth downloading if you want to save every penny you can but still be a little lazy and get the more expensive option of travel.

  • MOOVIT - Another good public transport app, this one is really easy to use for the metro and sky train.

  • Google Maps - Most people will have this anyway or they will use maps on apple but that doesn't work very well in Thailand so that's why I suggest downloading google maps. It has more destinations in its system and is way more accurate.

Bangkok Gallery

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