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Best Places to stay in London

Now I can't lie to you I live in central London so places to stay definitely isn't my strong point. I've only stayed in 3 hotels in London and only one of them I have booked and actually know the name of. My recommendation is to just look on hostel world for the cheaper options, shared accommodation, and do some research for the other. I will list a few for you tho but obviously I can only really vouch for one from personally experience.

If I'm staying in a hotel I like to look for a little more luxury, some nice facility's like a pool, sauna and jacuzzi. Just because If I stay in a hotel its a little treat, when I'm in England I only really go out in London and if I go anywhere else I'm usually visiting friends or family so I stay with them. 


For hostels there's also a few things I looks out for, its always nice if they have a pool but I think that's a little harder to find that in the UK. I've never stayed in a hostel over here but I can tell you from experience what I would look out for when staying in south east Asia. 

First thing would be a locker, I can imagine you will need your own lock still, another thing is curtains (this can sometimes be hard to find you can't be too picky with this), I would check the reviews, and the location, also check what kind of hostel it seems like as you get the party hostels and some chill ones it depends what vibe you are looking for.


Want a little more luxury and don't mind spending a little more money then hotels are the place to stay. Here is the one place that I have stayed and a few other places I have found that look a similar standard or price.

the collective.jpeg

The Collective

The collective is a fucking amazing hotel for the value. It has a steam room, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a large pool all close to the top floor. Can't lie the makes it very relationshippy, when I was there there was basically everyone in the Jacuzzi making out... I mean, I'm not gunna say I'm innocent but at least we waited to have the steam room to ourselves lol.

When I went I think it was around £160 I can imagine the price will keep going up and up. I went for one of the smallest rooms which was a double bed, small room but enough to move around pretty well, it had its own mini kitchen with some complimentary tea and coffee.


The Novotel

This is a chain of hotels they look pretty luxury and of course on the more spenny side. I'm not too sure if they all have pools but I know some do and one has a rooftop terrace.

point a .jpeg
point a. .jpeg

Point A Hotels

Another nice hotel I guess, reasonable price for London for what you can get. Its a pretty basic hotel they all seem relatively modern but they don't have lots of facilities like the others , which is what makes this one of the cheaper ones I guess.


Save your money and stay in dorms or even find some amazing prices for private rooms. I know its easy to turn your nose up at this if you've never stayed in one before but, there's so many great things about hostels you just need to give them a chance.

st christophers.jpeg

St Christophers 

Village Hostel

On to the hostels and cheaper places. Obviously as any hostel it depends what dormitory you are staying in as to how cheap it will be, the more people in one room the cheaper it is. They also have capsules which are a little more expensive because they give you a little more privacy if not you'll find the cheapest private rooms in hostels. Located in central close to London eye, tower bridge and Borough Market.



Safestay is located in Elephant & Castle seems more chill compared to the last one. It's one of the only ones I have found that has curtains for a little extra privacy always one of the main things I would look for when staying in hostels.

london backpackers.jpeg
london backpacker.webp

London Backpackers

London Backpackers is located a little further away from the main tourist attractions. the closest train station is Hendon Central, which is close Hampstead Heath. Seems like a nice hostel apart from it being a little out of the way not too bad if you don't want to do all the overpriced tourist crap though.

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