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Transport in London

Transport in London is so easy I honestly. Theres certain apps that will save your life when it comes to London transport. You obviously won't know off the top of your head which tubelines or bus stops to go to (I mean even I have to use the apps to find bus stops still because I only ever use the tube because I'm always too late to sit in traffic on the bus). 

Everyone knows the modes of transport bus, underground, overground and taxi, so below I will be listing the best ways for you to find your way around with the best apps.


C ity Mapper 

The GOD LIFE AND SAVIOUR of finding your way around on public transport. The best part is this doesn't only work in London. For walking I wouldn't say this is the best as it doesn't show you the fastest routes. but finding you way around on the bus or train this will be your best friend.

trainline app.png
Trainline .png


Trainline is an app more for trains going outside of London I use it a lot when I go to see friends and family who don't live there for instance when going to brighton or the Lake District.

bolt app.png


I mean if you don't know about this, what planet have you been living on? This is even what I used In Thailand! I think this is one of the cheapest taxi apps it does depend tho in London sometimes it does depend.

oyster card.png
oyster card app.jpeg

Oyster & Contactless

This will tell you how much money you have left on your oyster and if you need to top it up before travelling. To be honest I just use my card most of the time now but I know a lot of tourists get oysters.


When getting on the bus if you don't have the money on your oyster you might get that one dick bus driver that won't let you on cos he's a jobsworth prick, so my point is you should make sure you have the money before waiting for that bus (especially if you're late all the time like me).

Uber app.jpeg
Uber app.webp


Again don't know where you are if you haven't heard of Uber, but then I know it's not in every country. Good thing about Uber is that its one app and you can order taxis and food from it. If you wanna be a bit lazy one night it has a pretty good selection being in London.

Uber is usually that little more expensive than bolt but I always like to check both apps cos even I'm saving £1 I'm happier.

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