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Best Paid Attractions in London

Sometimes the free things just don't hit the spot and you deserve a treat. You deserve some flavour and spice to add to your life for that little adventure. Some things just aren't worth spending your money on in London you get those tourist prices so find the best things here on this list. Don't get me wrong I love finding the best free things but i do love spending a little money from time to time, especially a good festival or concert, a little groovy boogie can't hurt anyone.

mayfield lavender.jpg
mayfied lavender field.jpg

Mayfields Lavander 


Not much to say here other than its a field with loads of lavender in. it looks pretty and purple and of course smells lush.

Its about £4 per person so not too expensive and a nice thing to do on a spring or summers day. Under 16's go free!

climbing thr 02.jpg
clmbing the 02.jpg

Climbing the O2

You get amazing views of London especially at sunset and its like a leg day at the gym, what more could you want? Honestly I think it's a really cool thing to do with anyone and it doesn't completely break the bank as it's around £35 - £40 per person.

emirates air.webp

Emirates Cable Car

Just a cable car across the thames most busy at sunset but its cheap and you get beautiful views of London.  

Around £4 - £10 per person you can use your oyster or contactless card.

whisle punks.jpg
whistle punks.jpeg

Whistle Punks

This is right up my street. I mean everyone needs to let there anger out sometimes doing it with an axe in your hand is the best way. Apparently drinking is allowed but I'm not sure how safe that would be especially if someone in your group pisses you off lol.


Each lane can have up to 6 people you can hire out the whole lane or you can be with a group of other random people. You get a full health and safety debrief on arrival and a lesson on how to throw the axe properly. £30 per person or £174 per lane.

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg

Rio Cinema

This is an Art Deco inspired cinema, throwing it back to the 1930's. I love this style and think its pretty cool and it adds that twist to your normal cinema night.

moth club.jpg

Moth Club

This is in Hackney it's a cute little club that offers a wide range of concerts and live events. Its usually small bands or artists but if you stay peeled you'll find some up and coming. In the video i went to go see Rada she's this chill artist who at the time wasn't as well known as she is now it was amazing but it was covid so we was sat down.

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg

Museum of Brands

What can I say it's a museum of brands. You look at the past designs that the brand have used. I think its kinda cool and very aesthetic. It has things like old sweet deigns, cleaning products, food, drinks, from all the well known brands. 

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg


Top Secret

Comedy Club

The top secret comedy club isn't very secret at all its actually had some pretty well known people go. The most secret thing they do is surprise celebrity guest tickets and their events do sell out quick so you will have to book.

I have heard great things about this place but of course, it does depend on your sense of humour and the type of person you are also what comedian you go to see.

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg

Warner Bros Studio

(The Making of Harry Potter)

I am a big Harry Potter fan I cant lie, I watched it multiple times through my childhood and always wished I could be Herminone. I've only been here once and it was when it first opened so many years ago when I was a lot younger. It's got a little bigger and things have been added to it if your a fan this is a must see!

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg

Crossness Pumping 


Yes, okay this is definitely a weird one but trust me on this. The architecture in this place is insane besides the history. Well no, I take it back the history makes it kinda interesting considering the beauty of the building. 

rio cinema .jpg
rio cinema 1.jpg

Crossness Pumping 


Yes, okay this is definitely a weird one but trust me on this. The architecture in this place is insane besides the history. Well no, I take it back the history makes it kinda interesting considering the beauty of the building. 

Rooftop Film Club - it des what it says you watch a movie on the big screen on a rooftop. very scenic if you ask me, I wouldnt know wether to watch the sunset or. the film 

dennis severs house

Sir John Soane’s Museum

  • Theatre (WestEnd)

Moo Canoes

Hidden London - offers tours of the old London underground 

Bougie drag bottomless brunch - 

the orbit slide 

Secret Cinema - immerse yourself fully in the film culture. this makes your favourite films and series come to life and make you feel like your the star character.

House of illistration -

Raver tots - want to go raving but you've got your kid.... don't worry raver tots is here so you can take them to the party with you, why not let your kid have some fun too!

Leighton House Museum - a pretty amazing house, the outside may not look like too pretty but the interior is something else. This house was a home and studio to a victorian artist Fredrick Lord Leighton.

hire a bike or scooter - you've got a selection of bikes now from Santander aka Boris bikes and a range of electric bikes jump and lime ar 2 of the other companies in this all around London dotted around on the streets 

city cruises - jump on a boat take in the scenery down the thames (I recommend sunset but plan it right because that can obviously be very busy.

  • London Eye ~ Get one of the best views of London overlooking the Thames. Right in Central close to plenty other main attractions.

  • Festivals - (Boomtoown, Glastonbury, Reading, Eastern Electrics, LoveBox, Field Day, Tranzmission, All Points East, Nass). Not all are in London but its always easy to travel anywhere from London on public transport.

  • London Dungeons - Do you want a fright for your life with a side of history lesson. Well this is the place for you! Most of it is based on true stories like Jack the Ripper. I went when I was a lot younger so I can't say what its like on the recent days but it's definitely a cool thing to do if you're into that stuff. 

Thorpe Park -

Royal Observatory and Planeterium

crystal maze ezperience -

In the hidden city -

  • London Mithraeum - Remains of a mysterious Roman cult

  • London Tombs - Like London dungeons this eill give you a fright

~ Skuna Boats ~

 Boats that you can hire out and float down the thames with a group of your mates. Theres two types of boats one is a BBQ boat and the other is a Jacuzzi boat they can both fit up to 7 people on. Personally I couldn't sit in a hot tub for too long but I still think both are pretty cool. This can be a little more on the pricey side but if your splitting it between all 7 of you then its not too bad (think they do couple deals too).

Average cost - £220 - £250

skuna boat bbq.jpg
skuna boats hottub.jpg
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