~ Free Attractions ~

Theres an endless amount of things to do in London even if it is located on the small island England it is still the Capital after all, which is always full of life.

FREE things are the best because most people who travel especially to London are on a budget. The Cities are always the most expensive so planning where and what you are going to do on the days you are here is essential to not wasting money, this is especially relevant now after covid because even a lot of the free things you can do you have to book to make sure that keeping spaced out (socially distanced) is possible.

~ British Museum ~

This is a bit of an educational one, but its super interesting if you like learning about history and cultures. Also the architecture of this building is incredible, its so pretty so you can learn and admire the beauty.

sky garden 2.jpg
sky garden.jpg

~ Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden ~

These are some beautiful church ruins I think its definitely worth the visit, but I have always loved old detailed buildings and green all around.

china town.jpg

~ Brick Lane ~

If you love your Street Art this is the place to go! Theres some super talented people that go around the streets near and around Brick Lane and use the walls as their canvas. Definitely worth the visit make sure you keep off your phone and your eyes open, you never know what you might see.



Brick Lane


b museum .jpg
b museum 2.jpg

~ Sky Garden ~

Free entry to this amazing green garden in the sky, with a beautiful 360 view of London. It does have a bar up there but it is a little bit on the pricey side, so if you're trying to save I'd recommend leaving that till later.

St Dunstable church.heic
St Dunstable church 2.heic

~ China Town ~

This must be a super popular one as its located down Oxford Street and there's loads of china towns all over the world for example in Singapore, New York, Australia... That doesn't make it any less popular though with the streets always booming and the tiktok famous food shops always busy.

Brick lane 2.heic
Brick lane .heic
camden 2.jpg
camden 3.jpg

(Primrose Hill

is also a

short walk 

from here!)

~ Camden ~

I have been going to Camden for as long as I can remember it will forever be one of my places in London its so quirky and used to give off those super hippie vibes. Yeah unfortunately it is "used to" as it slowly being made into a more commercial place so if you havent been there yet get there quick before you miss out on it completely. However I will love it forever and always tell people to visit! it has so many market stalls, loads of food places and its right on the lock, perfect for this summer days! 

~ Parkland Nature Walk ~

I love this walk (in summer), with the rays of sunshine shining through the trees above you as you walk. It actually runs along where an old railway used to be from about Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace. It has a few cool things that you can spot along the way like, sculptures, graffiti, and some cool animals and natural formations.

parkland walk 2.jpg
parkland walk 3.jpg
national gallery.jpg

~ National Gallery ~

I love this place I don't know what it is about the vibes this place gives off but I just think it looks so cool. Some of the artwork is so detailed and you can stare for hours and still see more and more each minute. also really reminds me of Str Trinians (which I would watch on repeat years ago).

~ Royal Botanic Gardens ~

A beautiful indoor tropical garden because unfortunately England does not get tropical weather. Why not make yourself feel like you are on a nice tropical holiday instead because who doesn't love the incredible greens that all tropical plants radiate.

kew gardens.jpg
kew gardens .jpg
Gods own junkyard 2.HEIC
Gods own junkyard 3.HEIC
Gods own junkyard.HEIC
Gods own junkyard 3.jpg

~ Gods Own Junkyard ~

The Aesthetic is crazy in this place! Neon LED lights every colour flashing everywhere, this is the place to go. This is the best collection of LED lights for anything you can imagine definitely worth going also has a little cafe inside so you can grab a cake whilst there.

~ Neals yard ~

This is by one of the 7 Dials kinda close to Oxford street, it is pretty much a shopping place but this is a crazy colourful aesthetic place great for some good photo opportunities.

Neals yard .HEIC
Neals yard 1.heic

~ Primrose Hill ~

Free View of London easy to get to and outdoors... YES PLEASE!!! Again this is such a good place to go to in summer as it is just a field on a hill so it is cold in winter but if you can bear the cold its all up to you.

~ Hampstead Pergola  ~

Hampsted Pergola is a beautiful garden terrace but in the Georgian times

Hampstead pergola 3.HEIC
Hampstead pergola 1 .heic
Hamsters pergola .HEIC

~ Kyoto Garden in Holland Park ~

This is a cute Japanese style Garden in Holland Park. really chill vibes with little streams, lakes, trees and stunning flowers all around.

~ Leake Street ~

Another place for the best graffiti. It's really just long tunnel with not one bit of wall blank, it does have a few cute cafes down there as well!

Leake street1.heic
Leake street .heic
120 3.jpg

~ The Garden at 120 ~

Just like Sky Garden it offers one of the best views of London on a nice summers clear day.

~ Tate Modern ~

International modern art, some of this is super trippy so definitely worth the trip. There's modern art museums popping up all over the world with each of their individual unique quirkiness making it different to the last.

tate modern.jpg
tate mod.jpg
tate b.jpg
tate britain.jpg

~ Tate Britain ~

If the last one was International you'd be right to guess this is the one for British art. The clues in the name! they do different events through the year like most places. One of my favourites was through lockdown it was LED lights designed for Diwali covered the exterior of the building.

~ Portobello Market at Notting Hill ~

This place has loaddsss to offer with it being home to rows of colourful painted houses and old junk shop and market stalls everywhere. Obviously this is also home to Notting Hill Carnival so get your timing right and you could be in for a treat! Carnival Is total good vibes I've been going since I've been little as I was lucky enough to have my mum take me when I was a lot younger I wouldn't miss it for the world 10/10 recommend!!

richmond 2.jpg
Portobello market  1.JPG
Portobello arket 3.jpg

~ Richmond Park ~

This is for the nature lovers! London is a built up place and a lot of the parks that are around (especially in central) are super small. Richmond park is located a little further out of London but it is one of the biggest parks we have, it has everything to big open fields, lots of trees and also deers!

~ South Bank Skate Space ~

Great if you love skating, one of the best skate spaces in London, good vibes, graffiti all around, right next to the thames, so as it's so central there's places to skate all around as its smooth.

Hampstead Heath .JPG

~ Hampstead Heath ~

This is a large park with some cute lakes, little streams, small woodland and offers some amazing views of London on the clear days. This is also close to where the Hampstead pergola is located.

~ Granary Square’s steps ~

Located I kings cross these canal side steps are great for a picnic or a little stop for a rest in the sun. theres usually little market stalls dotted around the area as well


~ Barbican Conservatory ~

This is a a giant tropical green house free to enter and appreciate the beauty of tropical plants as we are not lucky enough to see these on every corner of the street.

~ Regents Park ~

This is another Royal Park to add to your list and there's plenty to do here with an open air theatre, beautiful flower gardens , boat and pedalo hire, cafe and just loads of space to chill.

St James .heic

~ St  James Park ~

St James park is another Royal Park but this one has something special... PARAKEETS! If you take some seeds with you and hold your hand out they will come take the food out of your hands. Now, I don't know about you but I think this is pretty fucking cool, I love all animals and nature and the fact you can do this in central London almost brings a little nature to the city.

~ Leadenhall Market ~

Harry Potter fans listen up, diagonally is real and looks just as cool in real life (okay its without all the magic but its still bright and colourful and feels just as magical)!

leadenhall market.jpg
hays galleria.jpg

~ Hays Galleria ~

Again its just some cool architecture there's not much else here but if you want to see It its easy to include on a walk around Southwark. they have a few restaurants and little shops in the area but nothing special.

~ Eel Pie Island ~

An old hippie island that used to be big on the music scene with people like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and jazz bands playing there at the beginning of their careers. Its located more on the outskirts of London in twickenham so it can be a bit of a journey depending on where your coming. however it is near Richmond park so you can make a day out of it and plan to do a few things in the area.

eel pie island.png
eel pie island.jpg
greenwich park.jpg

~ Greenwich Park ~

This is one of the Royal parks in South-East it boasts some amazing views of London on a sunny clear day. Theres loads of different things to do here but some will cost money. They have the Royal Observatory, a beautiful rose garden, a deer park and a couple of cafes.

~ The Vagina Museum ~

This is a weird one but I also think its quite a cool strange thing to do with some of your girls. I actually think it's important to educate yourself on these things as women. Its the world's first vagina museum and is now permanently located at Camden market so don't miss out your opportunity to see some Fannys. This is free but you need to book tickets.

vagina museum.jpg
inner space.jpg

~ Inner space ~

Free space for some free meditation lessons! I love that they do this I think meditation is so important because you get to know and understand yourself on a deeper level. I think sometimes it can be hard when you first start, so having this group here is nice because you find people who are in or have been in a similar situation to you. You then realise that the more you practice,qs the deeper and more connected you will become.