~ Places to Eat ~

Mac and wild - virtual shooting range restaurant 

Yorkshire Burrito - now this really is a game changer. if you never filled your Yorkshire with a little bit of everything from your roast dinner then you're seriously missing out! but worry not, as these guys have come up with the most ultimate idea... ( drumroll please)... a Yorkshire burrito! your favourite roast in a Yorkshire wrap. 

I will kill again - a cute indie coffee shop located in a hackney railway arch, they offer vegan/ vegetarian options and cute and picturesque 

Biscuiteers - this is something cool to do and you get to eat it afterwards. at this cool place you can ice your own cookies with whatever design. cute little friend date idea.

Chin chin dessert club - for some ice cream with vegan options available 

Fuckoffee - located in Bermondsey you already know these guys have a sense of humour and its gunna be a super cute place to stop for a break. fun fact ; their landlord a few years ago wanted them to remove their sign as it was deemed "offensive", but they didn't give up and said its a joke, it makes people smile, freedom of speech and people need to get a sense of humour. in the end they had to change the sign to F*ckoffee

EL&N Cafe 

Bake - located in Chinatown this is a unique but popular place. its well known for its oddly shaped cakes and bakes for example the fish waffles and fish ice cream cones... but that what makes us love it right?


Biff’s Jack Shack - the best vegan junk food place ever

The Ritz

Dishoom - the best naan bread (bacon and egg to be specific)

WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything) - a Bali inspired rustic restaurant 

Arlos - for a fat juicy steak 

mad hatters afternoon tea slicer in wonderland 

Oi Spaghetti + Tiramisù - this is a small restaurant situated in Peckham it does some amazing pasta dishes. but make sure you book ahead because theres only 4 tables available.

Sutton & Sons - Londons best vegan fish and chips 

flat iron for a lovely fresh chopped steak.

NOBU - for bottomless sushi brunch

afternoon tea at the barbican 

Pick ‘n’ Cheese at Seven Dials Market

dip & flip - for some seriously juicy burgers 

Baba G's - one of the most flavoursome burgers ever and its easy to find with its bright pink neon signs in the window 

Rules the oldest restaurant in London

duck and waffle - the shard 

cereal killer cafe 

sarestro - kinda theatre themed with old props and a quirky style. sells Turkish dishes mainly

chick & sours 

Redemption - no meat, no sugar, no gluten, no booze

Dirty bones for some really amazing messy food, big burgers, waffles with sticky syrup snd so much more 

The Spread Eagle - Everybody loves a good pub lunch and I bet you miss it if your Vegan... well you can stop missing it now as theres a vegan pub here and this is it! I am not vegan myself but I do love a good vegan dish every now and again and I would definitely recommend this place.

bueno sera

Lina Stores - a yummy Italian food store selling the best pasta 

Florentine -

bunga bunga

barge house - your favourite breakie served in a sourdough roll 

Circus - dinner with entertainment basically served on a plate 

the cheese bar 

the rainforest cafe - the clues in the name its rainforest themed, anything to make you feel like you're in a tropical place and not stuck in London is great.

Gingerline - a full on dining experience almost in another world completely. 

Clos Maggiore - dine under cherry blossoms, this would be more of a romantic dinner

the breakfast club

coppa club

The Ship - they offer one of the best pub roast you will ever try.

Blacklock - yummy 

 The Bull and Last - for the most amazing yorkshire puddings 

Bodega Negra - what looks like a sex shop with big neon signs pointing to it is actually where the the magic making of Mexican food happens. 

Robata -  food pretty much all cooked on flames for that yummy bbq taste, you can even get a mini bbq at your table 

Bustronome - this is a bus that drives around central London as you dine. I think its a really good twist for a restaurant to have especially if you want to see the city but aren't here for long.

B Bakery’s Bus Tours - another foodie bus tout but this one is like having afternoon tea with a few little bakes (yes I know seriously British)

Lan Kwai Fong - located in Camden this is a fun filled restaurant with DIGITAL BEER PONG TABLES! I wasn't too sure wether to put this on the food or drinks side as I think its a good mixture of both but they do have a good food menu so here it is.

Yolkin - ice cream sandwich in a macaroon 

Cafe Laville - located in paddington this is a super cute Italian cafe overlooking regents canal, almost makes you feel like your in Amsterdam or Little Venice.

Spun Candy - I've always wanted to see Charlie and the chocolate factory in real life to make some seriously amazing sweets. well this is the next big thing, make your own lolly that looks just like you!

Coqfighter - some seriously good fried chicken wings and burgers and just everything 

mother clucker -  this was a small street food stall until they opened their first proper restaurant about 2 years ago in 2018. they make some amazing chicken strips and spicy fries.