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Best Food in London

Okay so I'm definitely more of an alcoholic than a foodie but that doesn't stop me from going out for a cheeky little food number and no I don't mean a maccy's.

These are all places I have eaten at, walked past had the intention of going but never had the time or places I have been recommended. 

I think it applies for most westernised places that if you eat out every night you're most likely going to watch your money drop so be careful where you are choosing to go especially if you are on a budget. Same as anything else if you plan you will be safe from the stress and worry and wont have to be doing a runner at the end of the meal.


Half cup 

Opening Times :

Monday : 8pm - 4pm

Tuesday : 8pm - 4pm

Wednesday : 8pm - 4pm

Thursday : 8pm - 4pm

Friday : 8pm - 4pm

Saturday : 9pm - 4pm

Sunday : 9pm - 4pm

Half cup is a super popular cafe in Kings Cross. This is literally round the corner from my house so I've been here a few times. I would've been here many more but you cant prebook. It's only a little cafe so it can only fit so many people in and everyone wants to eat in. When i tell you theres a 15 - 30mins line to get in everyday mean it, pretty much whatever time you get there it will be like this only by chance and complete luck you can walk in straight away.

Its a very cute feel, aesthetic cafe with the menu being things like waffles, pancakes, french toast, avocado on toast or you usual english breakfast style... 

I have only ever been to the Kings cross one but they do have another venue in Barts Square it is bigger so you are able to book but be aware the closing and opening times are a little different if you are walking in.


Bala Baya 

Opening Times :

Monday : 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm

Tuesday : 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm

Wednesday : 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm

Thursday : 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm

Friday : 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm

Saturday : 11am - 4pm, 5pm - 11pm

Sunday : 11am - 4pm, 5pm - 10pm

Bala Baya is an Israeli Middle Eastern inspired restaurant. It is well known for its in house freshly baked pita bread that goes perfectly with the aubergine mess and chickpea or beef humus. It has a sharing style menu and recommends 2 - 3 dishes each. My top 3 would have to be the prawn baklava, brisket donut, and finally the smoked salmon dish. 

This is the last job that I had before travelling i was bartending here in this restaurant. I couldn't recommend it here enough the food is amazing and cooked by the best chefs. the drinks could be batter but I presented them with loads so we will see how many they put on the menu. just make sure you try the Christmas cocktail Spice. I made that with our own infused rum with tonka bean, cinnamon and nutmeg. On the bar we also make our own syrups which we make into gazoz (different flavoured syrups topped with soda and decorated very over the top and flowery eg. blackberry, lavender and dill).

Chef Eran Tibi is the creator of the beautiful dishes and they also have another new restaurant due to open any day now called Kapara in Soho a Tel Aviv inpired restaurant. 

elan cafe .webp

El&n Cafe

Opening Times :

Different Venues so they have different opening times.

EL&N Cafe is an all pink coffee and cake spot they have venues all over the world with many in London. This is a very instagramable place it being all pink and having love hearts here definitely a basic bitch spot but its worth it.


Opening Times :

Theres 2 restaurants in London so times vary for each venue.

Coya is another place that has restaurants open all over the world and two of them are in London one in mayfair and one in Bank. 

It is a Peruvian cuisine but they use Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cooking techniques and has a sharing style menu similar to Bala Baya. Their bar is also pretty amazing with them getting inspiration from the oldest bars in Lima.

yorkshire burritoooo.webp


Yorkshire Burrito is located in Camden market at the food stalls so you don't have a seating area and it is outside, but this deserved to be on the list.


Let's be real it really is a game changer. If you never filled your Yorkshire pudding with a little bit of everything then are you even human? and you are seriously missing out! Well worry not, as these guys have come up with the most ultimate idea... a Yorkshire Burrito! yeah I know the clues in the name.

Your favourite roast in a Yorkshire wrap.




Opening Times :

Monday : 9am - 12am

Tuesday : 9am - 12am

Wednesday : 9am - 2am

Thursday : 9am - 2am

Friday : 9am - 2am

Saturday : 9am - 2am

Sunday : 9am - 12pm

Sketch is a very instagramable place. Their egg shaped toilets is what made them go viral and their pink room makes all the girlie girls wanna go wild.


They do a beautiful afternoon tea and they turn into a cocktail lounge in the evening. So go there for a nice little brunch or a chill evening catch up.

bake china .jpeg


Bake is a bakery located in chinatown that focuses on Chinese and Japanese sweet treats. 

It went pretty well known for their take on a Tayaki which is a fish shaped waffle topped with matcha tea ice cream. 

They do such good oddly shaped baked treats that look so amazing its like you never want to eat them! They look so good and taste so good so you cant resist. 



You already know that these guys have a sense of humour, so you automatically know its gunna be a good place to stop for a coffee and a snack to keep you going.

The style is very indie hipster, flags and posters on the walls with wooden oak features and old leather sofas. But lets be real its the name that makes this one stand out. 

Literally ifi havent had my morning coffee then everyone really can fuck-offee.

park roww.jpeg
park row.jpeg

Park Row

Park Row is a bar based on Gotham City and Batman. Its a fully immersive theatrical restaurant 

they have a an amazing menu and amazing cocktails which seem out of this world.


Even if you aren't a Batman fan I would defo recommend going here its an experience to say the least and you defo wont be disappointed. If you are a batman fan then this will blow your brains.



This really is a hidden gem in Kensington. It's a Pan-Latin cuisine, offering mainly small plates. It's a beautiful restaurant, plants everywhere and they offer the same quality in cocktails too. 

the ivy asiaa.jpeg
the ivy asia .jpeg

The Ivy Asia 

The clue is in the name it's asian cuisine. The food is amazing and so beautiful you almost don't want to eat it. 

It is part of the ivy chain where a lot of celebrities go so it is extremely popular and i would definitely say book this place if you want a table. its a late night dining experience and they have gorgeously decorated cocktails.

The restaurant itself if amazing as seen in the pictures the floor is like green crystals and theres is hanging cherry blossom. 

They have 3 restaurants in London one in Mayfair, one in Chelsea and finally one in St Pauls.

bondi green .jpeg

Bondi Green 

Bondi Green is located in paddington sat just on the canal opposite where the station is. They have indoor and outdoor seating and has that modern and green refreshing aesthetic.

I haven't been here for dinner but i have been here for brunch and i honestly think it was one of the best brunches i have ever eaten. I really enjoyed it and the food just burst flavours in my mouth.

I have heard they do an amazing dinner though and would recommend it to anyone.

the ritzzz.jpeg
the ritz.jpeg

The Ritz 

The Ritz is a 5* hotel in London if you haven't heard of this place you have never been alive. Personally i haven't been here but I have some friends who have been before and say its amazing. It's beautiful chandlers, marble columns, old features and statues prove why but it's not just its decoration it's the food. 

Of course its a 5* restaurant so there is a strict dress code no casual wear for men or woman, men have to wear a suit and tie.



Dishoom is a Bombay inspired restaurant and okay unless you're actually going to India this is some of the best Indian you will find. There is a few around London so you should be good if one is busy you can go to another but theres been a few times I've seen a line going down the street for it so i would book just incase you wanna go to a specific one.

flat iton .jpeg
flat iron.jpeg

Flat Iron

This is another chain of restaurants but this time they offer the juiciest steak you have ever had. its pretty amazing. As much as i'd love to go vegan, beef is just too good to say bye to (im so sorry cows and planet for the global warming). I just cant give it up. 

Some steak, potatoes and veggies was one of the first meals I cooked by myself when i was younger i swear i love it sooo much, probably too much. Not even that but burgers omg don't get me started!

mother clucker.jpeg


This was a small street food stall until they opened their first restaurant in 2018. If you cant guess they are based around chicken. 

They do the best chicken strips (and i love me some breaded chicken strips) and their yummy spicy fries just hit the spot because i hate fries without seasoning...ew plain and boring. 




We Are Vegan Everything 

WAVE stands for we are vegan everything so don't go there expecting to find a juicy beef burger or yummy chicken strips like the last ones.

People put down vegans a lot but i think its hard to give up what you are used to and switch up your diet completely. I actually i have some family members who were vegan and they cooked the most flavoursome amazing food in have ever eaten. Honestly i think that if you know your shit about the nutrients you need to have and what gives you what and you know your seasoning i thing anyone could be converted.

I always wanted to take my mum here cos she's an aspiring vegan but she's struggling to give up cheese and ice cream and honestly i don't blame her. I never managed to before i left but I've heard amazing things about this place and think it sounds like an amazing place to get you to try some vegan food. Bonus the restaurant is rustic bali inspired!!!

coqfighter .jpeg


Another chicken one. This time i think their chicken wings are the bestest ever and i don't really get wings I'm more of a strip kinda gal. Love going down the strip spent a month in Portugal and only missed it a total of 3 nights. The burgers are pretty good too...  actually everything is good.

They have one in Shoreditch, one in soho and one in Kings Cross. Dont miss out!

bodega negra.jpeg
bodega negraa.jpeg

Bodega Negra

You would literally walk past this place and completely miss the fact its the yummiest Mexican food. I love me some Mexican. BRB nachos and Tacos calling my name right now. 

Anyways this place is disguised as a sex shop (weird, I know) but this is what makes it, obviously other than the food. It makes it different and quirky. Lets be real who doesn't love a good sex shop and some big pink neon signs.

Duck & Waffle

I know its a basic one but i had to include a restaurant up the shard because it is fucking beautiful. Makes you feel like you're in New York, lol not that i can relate I've never been.

Its British and European cuisine and if you didn't guess from me saying its up the shard its gunna be on the more pricey side but its nice for a treat sometimes.

cafe laville.jpeg
cafe laville .jpeg

Cafe Laville

If you wanna feel like you're in Amsterdam this is the cafe to go. It's located on regents canal and you get beautiful views over it. It may make you feel like you are in Amsterdam but really you are in Little Venice on Edgware Road.

Its a little Italian cafe and you that does some amazing food pasta being the best of course.

the breakfast club.jpeg
the breakfast clubb.jpeg

The Breakfast 

Unless you're dumb you know this place is only open for breakfast. But as it specialises in that they are fucking incredible. cute to go to for a nice lil morning catch up with a friend before you get started on your day.


bunga bunga.jpeg
bunga bunga .jpeg

Bunga Bunga

This is a fully immersive dining experience serving Italian dishes.

I think this is great for big groups and it spices up your meal which is a lot more difficult to do compared to when you go out for drinks. 

lina storess.jpeg
lina stores.webp

Lina Stores 

Another Italian but this time without the entertainment. this place really does do the best pasta and they are all this shade of green which i am obsessed with. Its so aesthetically pleasing the decor and the food and it tastes amazing too! thats the bonus these days.

dirty bones.png

Dirty Bones 

Go here if you wanna get messy. Personally i hate getting messy but this food is way too good to say no to. Im at such a crossroad with messy food because it means it's sooo juicy and flavoursome but you get so messy it falls apart and you go through about 50 napkins because after every bite you need to wipe your face and hands.

Its an American style food restaurant so they offer things like chicken and waffles, juicy burgers, cheeseburger dumplings and so much more.


Baba G's

See i told you beef was one of my favourites and chicken as well as all these burger places are starting to add up. 

Baba G's is also known for their amazing burgers and messy street food. It's fast expanding with a few take away stalls and a couple eat in restaurants. Personally i would go to the restaurant as i said i don't like being messy so it makes it a little easier to clean yourself up. Don't miss out for that reason if you are by the take away make sure you pop by and grab something to eat.



Another posh one but this is on here because of the history. Rules is the oldest restaurant in London.

With it being established in 1738 you can see the history that this place holds. The outside doesn't look like anything special but when you walk in you will be greeted by old paintings on every bit of the walls, red chais and booths, high ceilings with glass features. As its the oldest restaurant in London you can guess that they will be serving traditional British food.

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