~ Best Bars for Drinksss ~

Drinksss!!! everybody loves a good cocktail sometime even if you don't there's almost always a mocktail selection, its all up to you...

we all know a drink can be a little expensive here, its not like when in Thailand getting a whole bucket for a fiver you just about get a pint for £5 here. This can be the thing that chews your money away, especially if you want to go to some super cute instagram-able place. KNOW YOUR BUDGET and you will be fine. However, we all know how easy it is to say one more when you're a little tipsy.


~ Tonight Josephine ~ 

There's a few tonight Josephines throughout London and its a super cute venue to go to! To save money its definitely worth looking at the events they have on at the time, I know they do things like bottomless brunch and naughty vs nice showdown so sometimes you can make it more worth your money if you book something like that.

      Average cost for each cocktail : £8 - £15

~ Queen of Hoxton Rooftop Bar ~

 OMG this rooftop bar is to die for! the vibes this place gives off are sooo cute (especially in summer). They have decorated this place with red and white mushrooms and lots of bunting and some fake grass its so cosy, even in winter. if that sounds too cold for you don't worry they have a ground floor as well so no need to be outside if you don't want to be. 

      Average cost of cocktails : £8 - £10

      Average cost of Drinks : £4 - £10

queen of hoxton 2.jpg
mayor sct 3.jpg
mayor sct 1 .png

~ The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town ~

This is a top secret Location located near to Liverpool Street. I keep seeing more and more secret bars like this pop up in places as they are so trendy at the moment, but hey I'm not complaining it like you're exploring another world (or another country which is nice at the moment as think its been a while since most people have had a holiday). Its located in The Breakfast Club, then you have to say the secret password to a member of staff to be allowed into the doorway of the magic smeg fridge.

       Average cost for each cocktail : £8 - £10

~ Pop Brixton ~

This is a cute place they have good events on sometimes and its not too expensive. They also have some of the best Jerk Chicken places EVER around brixton so when your stumbling back home defo pop in, worth going to get those drunk munchies seen too.

       Multiple bars in the area so prices vary

pop rixton.png
pop brixton 2.jpg
ballie ballerson.jpg

~ Ballie Ballerson ~

Who doesn't want to be a kid again, even if it is only for a few hours. you really can't go wrong with this, going with a group of friends, getting drunk and just genuinely having a right laugh, whilst we all know we are getting flashbacks to 5 year old us running around jungle mania soft play.

       Average cost of cocktail : £8 - £10

~ Junk Yard Golf Club ~

MINI GOLF WHILST DRUNK?!?! Yeah this is also hilarious... I think it really gives off those holiday vibes but that might just be me as mini golf is something we always do when on holiday, and of course that all depends on what golf course you chose to do.

       Cost of golf course without drinks : £11 - £13 

       Cost of course with the ability to drink : £30 - £35

flight club.jpg
flight club 2.jpg

~ Flight Club ~

This a great bar if you love drinking games, darts to be specific. another place that's good for post covid as they kinda have their own areas where you can easily stay in your bubbles. I love game bars, it really brings that extra laugh to going out with mates and brings on your competitive side which is always amusing

~ Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities ~

This is an odd one, for sure but I think it's worth going if you're into your weird and wonderful quirky stuff. This is a small kinda museum but has quite a bar-ry feel to it so its on this list.

viktor wmoc 2.jpg
viktor wmoc 1.jpg
first aid .jpg
first aid 4.jpg
first aid 2.jpg
first aid 1.jpg

~ First Aid Box and Blinder ~

Pharmacy themed with saline drip syringes and plastic lungs, this is a hospital/ pharmacy themed bar. Super quirky and cool and definitely worth going for.a few blood bags.


Also theres oddly a peaky blinders themed bar at the back open on Fridays and Saturdays. So if the first aid didn't get too wanting to go then that sure will!

What is there to miss?

~ London Shuffle Club ~ 

Cool place to have a drink and catchup and play a couple games of shuffleboard along the way. Some may think this is boring but I think anything that involves little game like this makes it that little more interesting.

london shuffle club 2.jpg
call me mr lucky 1.jpg

~ Call Me Mr Lucky ~

Also located underneath the breakfast club. This time you say...

            ~  "I'm here to get lucky"  ~

             ...as you go in to gain access to this secret bar.

~ Knowhere Special ~

Another bar situated in Kentish town, ignore the name this place is SPECIAL. this is based in old jail cells and you can see the history in the walls if you love quirky old style places then this is the place to go.

nowhere special.jpg
knowhere special.jpg
old blue last 2.jpg
old blue last 3.jpg

~ Old Blue Last ~

Vice run bar where theres plenty of free and cheap gigs to go around! Most gigs are by some small, up and coming artists... always keep your eyes open you never know when you might find someone you want to see.

~ Prospect of Whitby ~

One of the oldest pubs in London dating back to the 1500's it also has some weird features along with it including a nuse hanging outside and a finger bone inside a jar... I guess it adds to the history feel of it.

prospect of whitby 2.jpg
prospect of whitby.jpg
lucky voice .jpg
lucky voice 1.jpg

~ Lucky voice ~

Hire your own private karaoke room for you and your friends. I feel like this is a good family catch-up idea also great for post covid as you an easily stay in your bubble with your friends and family.

~ The Brig ~

The smallest bar in London that can fit around 5 people in it... I don't think that one is going to be too popular after this Corona crap, but it still deserves to be on the list as its adorable and has an old feel to it.

the brig.jpg
the brig .jpg
bounce bar 1.jpg
bounce bar.jpg

~ Bounce ~

If you love drinking games then this ones for you you can play ping pong with a drink in your hand with a group of friends. Game bars are always fun and add a little spice to your normal going out routine!

~ Near and Far ~ 

They have two locations in London one in Camden another in Peckham both have quite cute modern tropical vibes and bright colours lots of different greens that bring it all together and give it that holiday cafe feel.

near and far .jpg
near and far 1.jpg
bobby fitzpatrick.jpg
bobby fitzpatrick 3.jpg
bobby fitzpatrick 1.jpg

~ Bobby Fitzpatrick ~ 

The interior looks like a 50's - 60's style house and I am LIVING FOR IT. Honestly I'm so mixed on this style, in some ways I thinks its super cute in others I think its wayyyy too much but in a cool way (kinda like its so ugly that it's nice... if that makes sense).

 Definitely good for some cool unique photo opportunities!

~ Four Thieves ~

This is an arcade bar with racing tracks, virtual reality, ice hockey and more. You won't get bored in this place although can get very drunk if you're into making your bets and drinking games. 

four theives 1.jpg
four thieves .jpg
lost in brixton 2.jpg
lost in brixton .jpg

~ Lost in Brixton ~

Jungle inspired roof top terrace. I AM LIVING FOR IT! To be honest anything tropical themed that is gunna make you feel like you're on holiday even just a little bit I can't get enough of. 

I'm sure most can agree?

~ Roof East ~ 

This is a roof with plenty of different things to do to keep you and your friends entertained. Things like mini golf, sluggers and batting cages for games (I'm pretty sure this changes sometimes so keep your eyes open for updates). They have bars for drinks, a burger and a pizza place for food, also a cinema and they hold comedy events for a little extra entertainment if all that wasn't enough.

roof east .jpg
roof east.jpg
rof east 3.jpg
alcotraz 1.jpg

~ Alcotraz ~

A bar behind bars this is a prison themed bar where luxury is a last but cocktails are mixed to perfection. what to have some fun in an orange jumpsuit than this is where to go!

~ Zebrano ~

If you want a little entertainment served with those drinks, than you've chosen the right place I love drag I love the different ways people express themselves and I think its great entertainment whilst having a little munch and a drink. 

zebrano2 .jpg
jack solomons club.jpg

~ Jack Solomon Club ~

A secret speakeasy, this is located where there was once a famous boxing gym, hence the name jack Solomon. Chill low light vibes nice for a cute date night or a lil catch up.

~ Cahoots ~

Old bomb shelter during the blitz. They've kept the old underground style which I like due to it's history. I've always been interested in history so I love a place with a story and this is a place of many peoples stories in a difficult time.

cahoots 1.jpg
bloomsbury club 1.jpg
bloomsbury club.jpg

~ The Bloomsbury Club ~

A beautiful cocktail bar with climbing plants all up the walls, I would say this is a little more posh and romantic but going here with friends would be nice too if you're into that. By posh I just mean it seems to me more chill vibes than get up and party and don't get me wrong that's nice sometimes but usually I'm drinking I'm partying.

~ Little Nans ~

Another place that's decorated like your crazy, colourful, plant loving, nan's... but the clue is in the name with this one . I love this I think its a weird funky aesthetic and good for some cool photos for your insta.

little nans.jpg
little nans 1.jpg
bar elba 1.jpg
bar elba .jpg

~ Bar Elba ~

This is a bright and colourful rooftop bar with fairy lights around every corner you turn. Great for a casual catch up with your friends grab some food and a cocktail and you're sorted 

~ Franks Cafe ~

Franks cafe is located in Peckham on top of a multi storey carpark. you get banging boozers, a beautiful view, a pink staircase all with your amazing friends.

Is there a reason not to go?

Also a part of the bold tendencies gallery!

franks cafe 3.jpg
franks cafe 1.jpg
franks cafe.jpg
blame gloria .jpg
blame gloria 1.jpg

~ Blame Gloria ~

 This is located in Covent Garden and is a cute basement cocktail bar, with garish, funky wallpaper. This is another bar that hosts loads of different events from themed bottomless brunches (Mumma Mia at the moment), Drag Shows, Disco Brunch, Cocktail Master Class, Social Club and many more events with them forever changing and offering new things. 

~ Printworks ~ 

Printworks is a club but it does host concerts sometimes so keep an eye out for anyone that you like providing we are given the green light to socialise again. It's like a massive industrial venue so I think it depends what you're going to see for what it's going to look like.

Printworks 1.jpg
xoyo club.jpg

~ XOYO ~

This to me is one of those basic bitch venues you know that classic nightclub kinda style. I'm not saying its not worth going because it is a good club which has had a range of well-known artists perform there. However all that I am saying is that theres nothing the makes it stand out to the rest.

~ Proud Embankment ~

A cool two storey kinda theatre bar which hosts Cabaret Shows, Fire Breathing, aerialists and much more. they also offer some amazing food and cocktails so if you are into all theatre and circus stuff then this is a good place to go.

proud embankment .jpg
vaulty towers.jpg
vaulty towers .jpg

~ Vaulty Towers ~ 

This is another venue that offers different events this time more like DJ Nights, Pub Quiz's, Sunday Blues, Secret Sketch and many more things to offer once covid is over. It's definitely good to know a few places that offer different events like this one, as you are always able to find something you and your mates like.

~ Tamesis Dock ~

A classic colourful modern London pub... on a boat. This screams summer vibes floating on the water drinking a beer with your mates with the sun shining on your face...

 couldn't get any better really, could it?

tamesis dock 1.jpg
tamesis dock.jpg
cellar door.jpg
cellar door .jpg

~ Cellar Door ~

This a Public Toilet turned nightclub so be warned you won't have the most space but its worth a visit I promise! 

so this has a range of different cocktails, and also has this thing called snuff (which is a dried form of tobacco or something like that to be honest I dont really know but I'm always for trying new crazy things). This is another bar that hosts different drag shows, burlesque and even movie nights!

~ Fabric ~ 

This is another classic nightclub. This is one in the knows where all the old skool ravers would go so its definite worth going as they have some of the best DnB, Dubstep, House and Techno DJ's perform their sets here. I was born a dumb and bass head so if anyones asking me to go clubbing this is where we are going!


~ Fulham Beach ~

maggies club.jpg
maggies club .jpg

~ Maggies Club ~

An 80's themed bar (which may I add looks f*cking insane)! Yes I said looks, you have to be 21 to go and unfortunately I am not 21 yet but it looks way too good to not add to the list. Decoration has sonic, Mario, David Bowie, A-Team and many more famous people from that era painted on the walls. This place is just generally really bright and colourful just how those times were. THEY EVEN HAVE RUBIX CUBE TABLES!!!

~ Mr Foggs ( Tavern, Botanicals, Exploration) ~ 

As you can see theres different themed places that are at different locations so it all depends on your preference. Mr Foggs was one of the first to travel around the world so take yourself into these themed travel bars.

The Tavern is decorated like an old English pub with pictures of old monarchs on the wall with an old wooden aesthetic.

Located in Covent Garden.

The Botanicals is themed kinda like your stylish, tropical plant loving, nan's house, but I promise it's in a cute and aesthetic way!

Located in Fitzrovia.

The Exploration is decorated like an old victorian room and  train. I like finding places like this because it adds a little spice when you go out and its not just like the same old bar.

Located in Covent Garden.

There are more located in London but I recommend these three the most but that is based on what I like so I would look into the others (Gin Parlour, Residence, Drinkery & Distillery).

mt foggs gin parlour .jpg
mr foggs residence .jpg
mr foggs distillery.jpg
mr foggs botanicals.jpg
mr foggs taven.jpg