Who am I?

You’re probably wondering, who the hell I am and where I come from, so here it is…. I am Maya Rosalie, I am currently 18 and I grew up in Hertfordshire, UK. I now live in central London, always trying to find easy, cheap and aesthetic things to do so I can still have a life whilst saving to travel.

The truth is i’ve always wanted to get out of England, I hate the cold, and although the summer isn’t bad, the winter is horrible. I don’t mind winter that much if you actually get snow and have things to do but THIS IS LONDON. Unfortunately we don't have ski slopes in central. Things cost money if you want to go out in winter because you go to sit in at places.

I mean, who wants to buy a bottle and sit in a field when its -5 degrees outside?

Why Travel?


So travelling the world has always been a big dream of mine, when growing up my mum would always tell me to go see the world, to learn about different cultures, to live and be one with the planet. Not only that my dad lived in Thailand for about 3 years and its always given me the urge to go travel around Southeast Asia. I’ve always dreamt about saving the rainforests and coral reefs, there’s so much beauty in Mother Nature we need to preserve it as much as possible, not destroy it.

I have been lucky enough to be going on planes since i’ve been 6 months old. My nan would take us on holiday in Europe somewhere, without a fail every year. We went to Benidorm, Zakynthos, Majorca, Ibiza, Paris, Bulgaria, Poland and probably many more places that I don’t remember as I was super young for some. My nan was literally one of the best people in my life ever, she would always make sure we had the best things to do and places to see so we could make the best memories. I think that’s a big lesson for everyone, one that even I am still trying to learn to this day. memories are worth so much more than them new clothes you want (with fast fashion you’ll be bored of them in the next 6 months anyway), or more than that takeaway meal because you couldn’t be bothered to cook food. My point is, sometimes to get started you need to work your arse off for them first 6months to a year. You need to be strict with your money, if not you won’t be going to visit that really cool country or you’ll make it but you’ll have to turn down going out with those new friends you made because you didn’t save enough back at home when you had a job. seriously what’s a night in the same pub with your mates at home compared to these new exciting, completely different memories you can create?

I honestly never thought that I would have the confidence to start something like this but I started to see that following your dreams and trusting your instincts is the way to go in life. We only have one life in this body and with this mind, no matter what you believe we are different each time we return. So utilise it and do what you want. 

Online work is guaranteed to be the next big thing, this is where you are going to make your money. You have access to the whole entire world not just your small area that you live in. In this day and age you need to think ahead and see the possibilities of the future there is no getting rich quick you need to put thought and care into the process and you definitely need to feel passionate about what you are doing or people will be able to see that you don't care, and you won't get the response that you want.

Mindset Matters !

You definitely need financial intelligence when travelling as some countries are difficult to work in and you need to figure out other ways to make money. having a steady income whilst not having to do much is key to a stress free travel, its nice that you can fully enjoy yourself and not worry about other responsibilities. Money works for the rich, the rest work for money. Chose the path you want. Take every great opportunity that comes your way, It is true you may not enjoy it but you can always quit and at least you'll never wonder what you missed, not only that but you learn from your mistakes you don't learn from choosing the same path all the time so take risks and live life to the fullest.

I am not an experienced traveller yet but I will be and I am certain of that! I've always felt a strong connection with nature and wanting to travel, spreading awareness, learning different cultures, helping people, animals and nature. Don't get it twisted I'm not saying I've always known what I wanted to do in life. Honestly, I've always been a little envious of people who are born into what they love and have everything sussed out for them. It took me time to realise that this is what I've always wanted. Anything is possible don't let your own mind and other people tell you differently. I always had a bad mindset about being able to travel and how I'm going to fund it, this is where financial intelligence comes in use your time wisely and educate yourself on what's important. Its not like we don't have the time, at the moment with COVID time is what most of us have, instead of watching all those Netflix shows which are totally irrelevant and not teaching you anything, learn something that you will use in life.

Many people say they go travelling to "find themselves" which to a certain extent I think that is true. People know that seeing the world will open their mind to new possibilites and they will experience things that they never would have if they stayed at home. However, just like you can't be in a healthy relationship if you don't love and feel comfortable with yourself, I don't think people can experience travelling properly if they aren't in the right headspace too. I think theres so many benefits of travelling seeing things first hand can really help people see things for how they are, but you have to be ready to see it. I think when you go in the wrong mindset, you go looking for the answers you want but in the wrong places. if I had gone a few years ago like I wanted I would've been going to all the party places spending all my money every night, don't get me wrong I still love my partying but I'm not going to be going out every night, I'm going to have a budget and I want a nice mixture of chilling and going out. I want to actually experience the country and their cultures not just their party scene. 

Many of you have probably read this and thought "why am I going to follow along with someone's journey when they don't even know what they are doing?"- now that for me is a reason to follow along. I love watching people grow into what they are passionate about and when seeing someone from the bottom work their way up to the top, it shows you different options, you can learn and grow from it yourself. I think its good to learn from your own mistakes however, if you can really put yourself in that persons shoes and learn from their mistakes, it's gong to save you allot of time. So that's why I am doing this, so you can all learn from my mistakes. This is going to be a community of similar like-minded people who just want some support and encouragement on travelling, making money, and making your mindset to be the best it can be. 

Travel is some of the best education anyone can have!